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Album Release: String and Wood

String and Wood - Official Album 2011 - Buy and Download

Full album of original composition for guitar and string quartet. Recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. All original guitar compositions with string quartet performed by the Magik Magik orchestra. Released 2011.

Track List

Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief 03:30
Interlude I 00:51
Friends 03:03
Interlude II 00:38
A Walk To The Lake 03:40
To Live 04:11
Interlude III 01:42
Fuerte 03:25
Interlude IV 01:25
Mosaic For Shadows 04:50
Interlude V 00:44
No Pretense 03:38
Interlude VI 00:37
Revolution 03:34
Interlude VII 00:34
Sentinel 02:54
Aurora Borealis 05:22
A Little Song 02:20