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Album Release: J. H. Clarke Trio

J. H. Clarke Trio - Official Album 2014 - Buy and Download

The trio is comprised of J. H. Clarke on Guitar, Josh Mellinger on Cajon, and Rob Hansen on violin. We met each other while busking at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Several months later we recorded this CD at Live Oak Studios in Berkeley, CA.

Track list

Intangible 02:52
Fuerte 02:56
Un Tren 04:08
Revolution 03:15
Sentinel-Libertad 02:32
To Live 03:56
Romance 02:17
Tempestad 02:41
Aguila Cosmica 02:51
Azul 04:10
The Most Evolved 04:13
Beyond Hidden (bonus) 01:34